Content Removal Policy

We are EY.MD ("we", "our", "us"). If you have questions regarding our Content Removal Policy please contact us.
Please do not use the website contact form for abuse reports.

Important Disclosure

We as the provider of this service are not responsible for any user-generated content nor their accounts. Any submitted content is a reflection of the author's views ONLY.
All users of our Service agree to not use our Service to submit or link to any content that may violate any laws. Users are fully responsible for the content they submit as well as any harm resulting from said content or their conduct respectively.
If you do not agree with our content removal policy, please refrain from registering on our website and cease any attempts at contacting us at our abuse email. Use of our content removal system (de facto sending an email to abuse [at] consitutes an acceptance of these terms.
We only store user IP addresses for a maximum of (2) days. These IP logs are automatically pruned on our end every (2) days, therefore, in the event of a legally binding request, we are unable to provide such information regarding any content posted longer than 2 days ago.

Complaint Process

All complaints of abuse, violation and misuse of our Services will be investigated within 24 business hours (3 business days). Please contact us at abuse [at] and ensure that the following guidelines are followed when making a report:

  • Ensure the content in question is not hosted on any third-party websites. If it is, we cannot assist you in the removal of said content and we will not remove any posts or content linking to content hosted on third-party websites.
  • Ensure your report is emailed from a business/company email. Reports sent from free email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. will be ignored.
  • Report must be written in fluent English in and be in an understandable and polite format.
  • We request that you verify ownership of any content you would like removed.
  • All DMCA reports must follow the minimum DMCA requirements. Please familiarize yourself with what the DMCA requirements are before sending any emails.

Illegal Content

We always remove content for the instances listed below:

  • Child Pornography. Any posts containing material of an exploitative nature towards minors will be removed.
  • Copyrighted Material.We remove any copyrighted content provided that it is not covered under Fair Use and that your reports include sufficient evidence of a legal claim.
  • Legality Any content determined to be in violation of the law will be removed.

DMCA and Fair Use

All DMCA complaints must be emailed to abuse[at]
Please ensure that any DMCA requests follow the DMCA requirements, one of which is a legal return address that counternotices may be filed to. DMCA requests not meeting the minimum requirements will be ignored.

Abuse Report Publishing Policy

All abuse reports sent to abuse [at] will:

  • Be published on the transparency section of our website.
  • Be fully accessible by members of our website as well as regular non-registered visitors (guests).
  • Remain on the transparency section of our site for an indefinite amount of time.
  • Will become a part of the public domain.

Warrant Canary - Updated 02/04/2021

At this time, we have not received any secret court orders nor are we under any gag orders.