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This section was created for users to report scammers. The following rules must be followed when posting a thread:

1. Post a link to the seller's thread or to the buyer's profile (whichever applies)
2. Describe the item you were purchasing/selling and its' cost.
3. Describe the payment method you were using for this trade.
4. Post proof of payment being made if applicable. (This means screenshots or links to Blockchain transaction if applicable)
5. Post logs and screenshots of any chats/conversations that happened between the two parties.
6. Provide an accurate timeline of when the conversation started, when your side of the trade was completed and how long its been since.
7. Provide proof that the person you were speaking with was the seller/buyer in question. (such as screenshot of your PM's on this forum).

Anyone following these guidelines/rules is guaranteed to have their report be looked at. Anyone not following these guidelines may have their thread locked or removed.
Not open for further replies.