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This section is dedicated to Steam-related sales so digital items such as accounts, gift copies of games etc. can be sold here. Here are the basic rules one must follow (as well as things one must keep in mind) when creating a thread, posting a reply or engaging in trading facilitated as a result of the information found in this specific section.

1. If you don't want to lose money, don't trade with people you don't know or with anyone that seems shady. While not specifically here, there have been cases all over trading forums where people get scammed for as little as $2 since the dawn of time. Human greed knows no bounds, especially when you're dealing with kids. We cannot be held responsible for a child robbing you via the use of digital internet waves.
2. Just because someone has 600 posts doesn't mean they won't scam you. Don't base your trustworthiness of someone on meaningless numbers.
2. A thread can be bumped by its' creator/thread starter only ONCE every 24 hours. If you bump a marketplace thread before 24 hours has passed, your posts may be removed, your account may be warned and we may also eventually completely lock your thread and prevent you from utilizing this section in the future if you are a repeat offender (thereby ceasing your ability to engage in trading).
3. A Trusted Trader usergroup exists and certain sellers will be put into this usergroup on a case by case basis. We do not guarantee that a Trusted Trader will never scam anyone, rather, it's usually going to be people that have participated in various trades before which have gone off without a hitch so your chances of being scammed are on the low end. Let's say someone completes 100 $1.00 - $20.00 trades and is put into the Trusted Trader group. Do you still know/trust them enough to send them $1,000.00 for a bigger trade without any research or thinking? Think long and hard.
4. A trading reputation system will be implemented down the line which will allow you to rate the people you've done business with on a positive or negative basis. Abuse of this system or failure to provide proof of a trade upon request will result in any such reputation to be removed and the involved parties will be warned and eventually banned.
5. Any scam related reports must be posted in the 'Public Lynching' section. Please make sure you follow the appropriate guidelines set forth in the sticky in that section when creating your report.
6. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
7. Any Steam ID's lower than a 5 digit (so 4 digits and below) must be verified with a staff member. Anyone listing a sale for 4 digit or lower steam ID's that doesn't verify the Steam ID with a staff member will have their thread locked and will receive a warning.
8. Contact information must be present in every thread.
9. If you're contacting someone, have them send you a private message on the forum to verify you are speaking with who you think you are. Impersonation happens all the time and this helps combat it.
10. If you need a middleman, we'll establish a thread with official middlemen.

More rules/guidelines may be added at any time without notice.
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