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These niggers are known to capture white females and drag them back to their hives for breeding. The white man recognized this threat and waged war on the niggers for over 9000 years. After three hundred years of deserved servitude, most niggers were freed by a coalition/conspiracy of mindless liberals who took advantage of the Confederate States of America and the failure of ten
million inbreds to keep five million niggers dumb and happy picking cotton
and eating watermelon.
Sometime in the late 20th century, the niggers renamed themselves as niggas,
in a vain attempt to shed their truly shitty history. It didn’t work, as
shown by the saying “you can take the basketball-american out of the jungle, but you can’t
take the jungle out of the basketball-american.” Niggers nowadays use their new-found
freedom for constructive purposes such as robbing liquor stores, shooting
each other with stolen handguns, raping white women, and wearing clothes
that are about ten sizes too big…
As part of the efforts to keep the basketball-american population under control, as well
as reducing the need to buy riot gear and import watermelons from foreign
sources, niggers are now required by International Law to breed only in the
Spring. Not that they pay any attention to this law any more than they do
any other law. The act of niggers engaging in sexual reproduction with
humans is classified as bestiality.
During the official basketball-american mating season, the basketball-american performs a fantastic
mating ritual to locate a victim. First, said basketball-american smokes a shit load of
weed. Then, the basketball-american hides in a mud puddle – years of evolution allow the
basketball-american to simply blend in. After spotting the perfect white woman (niggers
hate mating with their own kind, since all niggers secretly wish they weren’t
niggers), they jump out of the puddle and beat the innocent woman to the
ground. After letting the woman beg to let her keep her virginity, the
basketball-american proceeds to rape her in every possible opening, after which the
basketball-american kills its forced mate for fear of its natural enemy, child support.
If the said negro belongs to a hive, the basketball-american captures the woman and
forcibly drags her to the hive for breeding.
Niggers fornicate heavily all year round. “Fornicating” to a basketball-american means
raping respectable white woman, fucking an animal instead of another basketball-american,
or falling for a female’s mating ritual. The only basketball-american no other basketball-american
will ever fuck is Michelle Obama, except of course Barack Obama for the sake
of trying to dispel the rumour that he’s actually a raging homosexual.
Glad I could clear this up, have a great Friday my fellow humans.


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