Member User Groups - General Information


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General information on current public member user groups.

Can view Community and children forums (EY.MD News, Information, Transparency sub-forums)
Cannot post or create any threads.
Cannot view member profiles or the member list.
Cannot use the search functionality or do anything really but view the forums mentioned above.

Registered (default group after registering and confirming email)
Can view, comment on and create threads in forums (except hidden private ones, if they exist)
Can view member list and member profiles respectively.
Can use the search functionality and content tags.
Can upload avatars and edit their own profiles.
Cannot use custom titles or bypass any flood/spam checks.
Cannot delete or edit their own posts or threads.
Can have signatures with maximums of: 250 characters, 3 lines, 2 links, 2 images, max text size of 4 (scale is 1-7).

Forum Boomers (group Registered users are promoted to after 50 posts)
All same permissions as Registered plus:
Can set custom user title
Can utilize push notifications
Can edit own posts and threads for 15 minutes.
Can have signatures with maximums of: 300 characters, 5 lines, 3 links, 3 images, max text size of 5 (scale is 1-7)

Other groups may be added down the line and promotion levels may be adjusted as well at that time. We'll see.